Horopito-The Ancient Herb

horopito-grid-349Horopito only grows in New Zealand.  This ancient shrub is a member of the primitive “Winteraceae” family, common to the Southern Pacific.  Horopito has a long history of medical use by the New Zealand’s indigenous Maori population.  The leaves were bruised, steeped in water and used for skin diseases, tooth aches, and venereal diseases.

Horopito has strong anti-fungal activity against the yeast Candida albicans.  The activity of polygodial from the extract was compared to that of “Amphotericin B” and found to be strong and faster acting against Candida.  Today, this red coloration and pungent taste has been put into a tasteless gel-capsuled form to be easily consumed.

Dr. Denard, N.D., CPT


Disclaimer:  This information is for educational purposes only and is not used to treat, diagnose, and cure any diseases.