Questions and Answers-Transitioning Process

1. (Q) Can bad eating habits play a part in not succeeding at healthy living?

(A) Yes! Lack of energy, focus, and mental clarity are all concerns of poor diet.




 2. (Q) How do I mentally prepare myself if this way of living is all I’ve known?

     (A) It’s important to set realistic goals and take 1 step at a time to integrate healthy changes.



3. (Q) Is it possible to have emotional attachments to food?

     (A) Of course! Cultural, socioeconomic, and convenience all play a part in the development of perceived          comforts.



 4. (Q) Is having a support team important?

      (A) Very important! We are social creatures and we associate with those who are like-minded.



5. (Q) Is it vital to couple supplements with healthy eating?

     (A) In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it’s hard to get the full recommended daily allowances of nutrients so it’s vitally important to supplement according to specific individual needs.



6. (Q) Can age play a part in the speed of my progression?

     (A) It’s never too late to change for good! Consistency is the speed of progress.



7. (Q) After I reach my goal weight, how do I maintain it?

     (A) Discipline!