Reshape Your World

This is Dr. Shannon Denard inviting you to join me in discovering a “More Excellent Way”!


Albert Einstein said…. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing, the same way and expecting a different outcome.

Okay, so now that we are done with the celebration of the passing of 2017, we can turn the attention of our thoughts and the energy of our emotion to the mindfulness of “Focus”. I mean focus as a verb. If we are going to Reshape Our World, the first concept we need to incorporate is focus as the ability to adjust, adapt and acclimate to opportunities that disguise themselves as “discomfort”. A shift in our paradigm, from negative lens to positive lens will not only change how we see our life, ourselves and the world around us, but it will also change the informational source we receive from due to the law of attraction. A shift towards the direction of positive perspective will,
#1 help empower us to awaken to the areas of our lives that need to change,
#2 receive better information and
#3 also employ the process of our hope in the form of action to correction.

Essentially instead of just suffering through psychological and emotional pain, a right mental attitude draws you right information which leads to right action.
give yourself permission to change by taking responsibility to direct and choose the change you want to see. Now I’m not saying thinking positive is going to make all your dreams appear overnight on the contrary, I am saying, if you don’t like something about your external life, change your internal mental and emotional dialog and eventually, slowly, external changed will appear. Final thought….
Life has a way of orchestrating circumstances to provoke awareness. Look again! Look with a different lens. Choose your actions according to your desired outcome and keep building on that until the negative is managed and you manifest the outcome you expect. Once you decide to stop being a victim of “bad luck”, you reclaim your personal power and strengthen your personal voice by what you do or don’t do this is demonstrated by your actions.
Reshaping Your World starts with you first!


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